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A Must Read- Featured Topic RULES - READ BEFORE POSTING.

Post by B on Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:13 am

Rules of the Trading and Commerce forum

All sitewide rules apply.

What is the Trading and Commerce forum?
This is a forum, where you may discuss trading and commerce, but where you may also set up threads "selling" or "auctioning" items you have on your account. Such as items you've bought in the CB exchange, unused name changes or items from other websites. You could also sell signature space, for someone who wanted to advertise? If you're unsure ask in the Q&A thread.

What can't be sold here?
Anything that consists of real life currency, any threads found selling for real life currency of any kind shall be removed without warning.

How do I sell stuff?
Set up a thread. Explain what you're selling and for what price, other website currency or CBP (Chat-Board Points). Make sure you tag your titles according to weather your thread is a shop or an auction or just selling this once.

[SHOP]- Pretty Straight forward, put this at the beginning of your thread title if your thread's going to be a shop.

[A] - Auction

[S] - Selling just this once.

[D] - If your thread is simply a discussion about trade and commerce in general.

How do I buy stuff?
Browse the threads until you find something you like! Then check if you've enough of the payment asked then post in the thread showing your interest.

How do I earn points?
By posting around the forum and creating threads, basically by being active! Easy Peasy!

Still got questions?
Try this thread.


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